Saturday, December 6, 2008


J and I got to see the house we're buying again, today, and we were there for a long time! It was fun. We showed it to both of our parents and my sister (along with her husband and my awesome niece), and they all approved. J, his dad, and my brother-in-law did a major scan of the house, and there are a few things we want to get checked out, just in case. Not a big deal, but we have to have it all done by wednesday if we want to get some cash from the seller (of course!). The biggest ordeal will be the A/C. It's pretty old and super expensive to replace. So, that's our biggest stress. We did get our quote for the renovation that we're doing in the kitchen, and it was right where we had guessed it would be. Overwhelming (see the trend?), but we're excited about it. We know that we'll get it all back, eventually, when we sell the house. It's just scary now! We've never spent so much money on something, obviously. I'm just ready for the whole ordeal to be over, and we have the house!! 

We got a few "slight" comments on babies as our parents checked out the guest rooms. They're trying to just get information, and we didn't get upset by it. As I've mentioned before, we have older parents.

Also, I just ordered some pre-seed! YAY!

-CD 5: light AF

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