Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She's here!

There is no doubt about it. AF is here in full force. I started having major cramps last night, and I even had to pop an Advil (one of my last ones! I don't need to take Tylenol just yet) so that I could get myself to sleep. I'm still pretty crampy, but it's not too bad. I think I went through the worst of it last night when I was sleeping. Awesome. J has been really cute about it. We're both hoping that this is the last time I go through this in, say, about 9 months. It would actually be a about 10 months, though, since I'll probably have another long cycle. 

Last cycle ended up being 51 days with a 12 day LP. Based on that cycle and the previous one (which was 31 days with an 11 day LP), FF estimates my average O for this cycle to be Dec. 31st. I'm pretty sure we could manage some sexy time for New Years Eve. I am hoping for a shorter cycle, though.

This will officially go down in history as the most excited I have been (or ever will be) to see AF! We're officially TTC, Cycle 1! 

-CD 2: heavy AF

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