Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We're not closing on our house tomorrow. Apparently, there are too many people buying/refinancing houses right now, so it took longer than expected to file the paperwork. It should be ready at noon tomorrow, which sucks more than if it were going to be done in a few days. We'll miss our closing time by 2 freakin' hours. So, we're more than likely going to have our house by tuesday! At least we're done with all the crap now, and we just have to wait. The holidays should make it go by much quicker! 

I had a major temp spike today- hooray! That means that I most likely ovulated yesterday. Our timing wasn't 100%, but it's only our first month. We plan on hitting the sheets again tonight. Of course, J doesn't have any idea that I've O'd (he's expecting it to be a week or so from now based on last cycle- he wants to be in the dark about that). I just bargained with him last night that if he gave me a massage, I'd promise him sexy time tonight. He was too tired last night. So sneaky. Only a few more days of high temps until confirmed O!

-CD 22: 1 DPO (i believe)

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