Monday, December 8, 2008

Is it December?

I'm shocked that I don't feel the Christmas spirit yet. Usually, as soon as we finish eating on Thanksgiving, I'm singing Christmas carols. I have been listening to Christmas music, but I'm just not feeling it like I usually am. Maybe it's the stress of getting all the inspection stuff finished for the house by Wednesday or maybe the excitement of TTC has taken over, but I'm sad about it. I'm really hoping that it pops up any time now. 

Horrible story: J and I went to a Christmas concert at a local church to support one of my good friends last night, and I kept thinking about how I always wanted to be able to announce my pregnancy at Christmas. There's no way that I'd be able to do that, unless I had a super short cycle. Chances of that= unlikely. FF doesn't think I'll even O until New Years Eve! Oh well. The horrible part? I kept thinking about it whenever there's be any mention of the baby Jesus. *sigh

Sad story: I have an adorable niece, whom I love completely. Since birth, I've been working on making sure she realizes that I am her best friend. Up until Saturday (when we were at our house with the families), whenever I would ask who her best friend is, her response would be "Aly" (which is her name...she didn't quite understand the question- she turns 2 in January). Her response on Saturday was, without skipping a beat, "J". Ugh. J walked in right afterwards and, after he heard the story, is now using this against me. I feel stabbed in the heart, haha. I will be making him make dinner for the week to help me with my depression. I've also forbidden him from seeing her until she realizes that she is wrong. (note: I am being sarcastic...)

I'm still spotting, though it has only been a drop today. I should be getting my pre-seed in the mail tomorrow- yay! I'm planning a nice pork chop dinner complete with lots of red wine (yum!) tomorrow night to kick off our TTC journey now that AF is gone! Exciting!

-CD 7: minimal spotting

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