Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stupid Seller

Here we are: super happy that the option period was going to be over by now and that it would be just deciding how much the seller would actually be giving us. But, no. The seller pulled a dumb move (which will be beneficial to us in the long run, most likely) and cut off the electricity. Of course, we don't find this out until we're at the house waiting for the AC guy to come and check it out. We had to call and put a hold on that, obviously. Our realtor called the seller's realtor, who had no idea that they had cut it off, and now we have an extra week in our option period! Plenty of time for us to find more things to request money for.... We're just annoyed that it's not over. Blah.

Even though we don't have the house inspections crap over with to celebrate, we're still going to have our TTC kick-off dinner tonight! I'm excited. I'm expecting our lovely pre-seed to be in the mail today. Hopefully, tonight goes off much better than earlier did. I need some stress relief!

-CD 8

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