Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We're finally "closing" tomorrow morning! THANK GOD! I have been getting so pissed off at this entire situation. Ask J- I have not been a very pleasant person to be around. Of course, it won't be finished yesterday, and we're probably not going to get the key because they have to mail the papers to the sellers (who moved out of state) after we do, and the title company is freakin' closed on Friday. So, we should be all finished on Monday. Ridiculous? Extremely. I'm hoping that they just give us the key since we've already paid our down payment (last week...) and the loan is obviously approved. Not likely, but the hope exists.

As mentioned above, I've been pretty irritable the last two days. It kind of came out of nowhere last night, and I've been pretty awful ever since. If J stands too close to me, I snap at him. He's not a fan. If I'm not pregnant, I'll have some serious explaining to do to him. It didn't help that when I input my CM in today, my crosshairs became dotted. Grrr. I'm still having those twings in my stomach, though not nearly as constant. It's definitly mostly when I'm in the car. Besides the oddness of that, I don't have too much hope. My chart is looking way too similar to the last 2, even with the fertile CM on CD 8ish. I still plan on testing on the 1st, though. If BFN, then no testing until at least 14 DPO. I only have 2 tests- PIAC ones that I got with my pre-seed. I can't lie- I'm pretty excited to use them.

-CD 29: 8 DPO

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