Saturday, December 20, 2008

Party time!

Last night was J's company Christmas party! We'd been looking forward to it for a few weeks, so it was fun to actually go to it finally. I haven't been able to get all dressed up like that since our honeymoon (only 4 months ago, but still. I love getting dressed up). We had a great dinner and we had an awesome time with the people that we were sitting with. They were definitly people that I could see doing stuff with outside of company-sponsored events. It was good for me to finally put some faces to the names that I'm constantly hearing. If I could only remember some of them- red wine plus meeting a ton of people at once is not so conducive to a great memory.

Here's us:

I'm still thinking that I could have O'd a few days ago based on the change in how my temps are reacting and the fact that they're still on the rise. I'm still hesitant because it's early for me(though my 2nd cycle off of BCP was O on CD 20) and because they're still low temps- definitly no cover line as of yet. Most likely, I'm gearing up for O and they'll shoot up in a few days. That's how it happened last cycle, though it was about 15 days later! I'll take the shorter cycle, but we just need to work on the sex part. We've been lacking.

-CD 19

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