Friday, December 26, 2008

Darn stomach!

J and I had a great Christmas! It was a hectic time, as it always is, but it was a lot of fun. We had a great time at the in-laws annual Christmas get-together on Christmas Eve playing a Christmas trivia game, spent the night at J's parents home (as did his sister and her boyfriend), had Christmas morning a french toast feast with his family, and then went over to my sister's house for Christmas with my family. We got some great gifts: the new George Foreman grill, a crock pot, a digital picture frame, and lots of other cool stuff. J's favorite gift was from his Nana (grandmother- the only one surviving out of the two of us): his grandpa's doorknocker that he inherited from his dad that's engraved with our last name. It was really special to him, and he can't wait till we get the house (finally!) and put it on our door. 

On the house front, we should be closing either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Our lender's office is closed today, so we won't hear anything until Monday morning. Lame.

In regards to TTC, my crosshairs were moved after I entered my temp yesterday to the next day. That means that we had sex the day before and after O. Since the day that FF says I O'd on, I've been having cramps in my stomach. They're not really painful (though there is a ping every now and then) and it's mostly while we're in the car. I am experiencing it right now, however. I figured that it was constipation, as it had been a few days, but I "dropped some kids off at school" twice yesterday! So, i'm not so sure. I finally understand the whole phantom symptoms now. 

-CD 25: 4 DPO

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